When it comes to environmental sustainability, measures to be taken do not always have to be large scale. You in your own little way can contribute to making the earth healthier.

We’ve listed 5 ways you can do this below:
– Waste: Reduce your consumption of packaging materials especially plastics, use reusable containers instead of single use plastics. Sort your waste at the point of disposal and recycle your waste.
– Energy: Turn off appliances when not in use to minimize consumption, switch to energy efficient products (light bulbs, home appliances, cars etc.) and use renewable sources of energy if available.
РWater: Reduce water consumption… check for leaks in plumbing system, turn off taps between use (while washing dishing, brushing teeth etc.), install water-efficient products to slow flow of water.
– Food: Store food properly to last longer, use as much of the foods as possible (including skin), freeze food stuff before they go bad, check for expiration dates, use food waste as compost in your garden.
– Land: Use more of your land to plant trees and gardens instead of tiling, stamp concrete or paving. Trees help to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and are more esthetically pleasing.

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