Optimal Greening Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to delivering environmental sustainability projects through collaboration and partnership with stakeholders to develop vulnerable communities across Nigeria.

Our Vision

To restore dignity to Africans in disadvantaged or marginalized communities through access to clean water, energy, cooking, sanitation and improved waste management services.

Our Mission

To organize, ensure, mobilize and channel resources for sustainable transformation of rural and marginalized communities in Nigeria through partnerships and collaborations that enable lifestyle change and better quality of life.

Our Why

Reduce environmental pollution associated with poor WASH services, especially in disadvantaged and rural communities

Reduce the high incidence of waterborne and enteric diseases linked to lack of access to clean water and sanitation facilities

Alleviate poverty and advance socio-economic development for low-income populations through access to basic WASH services

Reduce adverse impacts of poor WASH on education and productivity; and lower the risk of gender-based violence

Improve health indicators for stunting, severe wasting, morbidity, and mortality, particularly for children under 5 years

Support the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDGs 1, 3, 5, 6 and 13

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Our goal

Our 5-year goal is to enable energy and environmental services to 16 communities by 2026.

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