Water is necessary for the existence of all life. Human beings require water for drinking, sanitation, agriculture, energy generation and so many other uses. Over 97% of the earths water is ocean (salty) water and only about 2.5% is freshwater. Almost everything we do with water requires freshwater which can be found in rivers, lakes, glaciers, ponds and underground. Today, the demand for freshwater is much higher than the supply, with many of the world’s aquifers being depleted.

Freshwater supply is further hampered in developing countries by the pollution of groundwater and surface water (including rivers and other water bodies) through improper disposal of waste and wastewater. The high rate of population growth and shortfall in supply of water, compounded by drought due to climate change places additional pressure on water resources. Everyone has a role to play in managing water resources to minimize water scarcity today and for the future.

How are you conserving water?

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